Who We Are

Metropolis Baking Company has been handmaking fresh bread daily for 20 over years. Diane Dexter and her husband, David Arathorn, opened its doors in 1989. The bakery began with a solid background of expertise and experience in both baking and restaurant management.


Diane Dexter, the original creative force behind the bakery, was a professional baker and pastry chef who had worked at restaurants including Chez Panisse and Square One and also advised Carol Field on the seminal book The Italian Baker. Metropolis Baking has not strayed from these roots and has stayed close to the founders' base products and has built upon this heritage and appreciation of fine baked breads.


Since 2003, Chief Baker Robin Alexander has reworked and honed Diane's original recipes. Drawing on his 25 years of experience with the most respected artisan bakeries around the country, he personally maintains the exceptionally high standards of quality and craftsmanship and continues to produce the exceptional breads that Metropolis has long been known for.


In 2009, Robin Alexander took over ownership of Metropolis Bakery as its CEO and continues to build upon the product line of these famous breads and baked goods by updating the state-of- the art baking facility and supplementing the fine Italian bread line with a fully approved kosher line of baked products. In addition to continuing Metropolis. outstanding reputation for breads, the company has added a full line of Kosher approved baked goods of finely baked bagels and Challah.


Metropolis Baking Company is a wholesale state-of-the art premium bakery in Berkeley, CA. with over 23 years. experience baking fresh handmade breads and baked goods, and primarily specialize in traditional, regional Italian breads and Kosher baked products. We are committed to high-quality product, so our baking processes use extended fermentation time for full, robust flavor in each of our breads. This, coupled with our commitment to customer service, makes us the perfect choice for your home or restaurant.

About the Owner

Robin Alexander

Head Baker/Owner

Robin has been a professional baker for 25 years. In addition to his 10 years as the Chief Baker at Metropolis, including 3 years as the company's CEO, Robin has over 15 years' experience as a baker at Acme, SemiFreddi's, Bay Breads and Amy's Breads in New York. At Metropolis he heads production and maintains the exceptionally high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Metropolis is best known for.