Our Dough

Metropolis Baking company is 100% committed to high-quality, all natural breads. All of our breads are mixed, rolled and shaped by hand for that iconic rustic shape and a taste that comes from the knowledge of our expertly trained bakers. Here is a list of some of our staple bread doughs:

Grano Duro

Made with 20% durum flour, which you find in pasta, and organic and commercial unbleached bread flours. The leavening used to make this bread rise is called Biga. We put very little yeast in a mixture of flour and water. After many hours the Biga has a mild tang and is ready to make the dough rise. The dough is very moist and makes bread that has nice “pockets” in the light gold interior of the loaves. This bread comes in loaves brushed with olive oil (Grano Duro con Olio), round loaves (Grano Duro), as baguettes (Filone di Grano Duro) and as rolls and buns. The eating possibilities are endless.

New York Rye

In trying to make a rye that would please her mother-in-law, Diane searched the small old world style bakeries of New York City, until she found this recipe which includes Caraway seeds with a sour rye sponge starter. When she gave it to her mother-in-law, success! Grab a big oval loaf and haul out the pastrami!

Campagna con Noci

The name means “field bread with nuts” This is a rustic sour dough with about 20% whole wheat (locally milled) and flavorful portions of walnuts and scallions. This beautiful round loaf pleases with cheeses.

Potato Rosemary Bread

We bake red “A” potatoes in the same hearth oven in which we bake the breads, mash them whole and add them with hand-stripped fresh rosemary and olive oil to the bread dough. The swirled top of this round loaf is distinctive. Great with lamb, ham or jam!

Pane Integrale

“Integrated” sour dough bread with coarse stone ground whole wheat, cracked rye meal and unbleached flour. A round brown loaf that is great grilled and makes wonderful sandwiches.

Sour Dough

A classic Bay Area wheat treat. We rise the dough with a long cool process to better blend all the great flavors of the flours and exclusive starters we use. Crack some crab and mix a salad!

Pane di Altamura

From the south of Italy, this fine textured bread is made from lots of golden durum wheat. Makes a tasty sandwich and sops up sauces and gravies like nobody’s business.

Pan Bigio

A rustic light sweet wheat loaf dusted with flour. Made with our Biga starter. A moist interior with a crackling crust.


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